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ESD finger cots

Brief description:
With acid alkali performance, thick, strong wear can also be reused, ESD finger cots has a good protection; rough surface provides a good grip and slip resistance; finger cots to prevent finger prints, perspiration and other filth be exposed to the product by the ESD finger cots of anti-static rubber and latex blend, without silicone, amide. Surface resistance: <10 to the 10th power, effectively prevent static electricity. Orange slip finger sets avoid skin irritation, to prevent contamination to the fingertips of perspiration elements conducive thin flexible fingers fingertip operation, the internal design of the appropriate tightening to avoid finger fatigue, affordable. ESD finger cots is ideal for the semiconductor industry, electronics factory, optoelectronics industry, medicine, and other areas of laboratory work wear.

1. in the latex compound added to the anti-static and anti-oxidants increase the use of the product, to avoid skin static electricity generated on the product, through a special cleaning process into, production process to reduce residual dust, particulate, non-volatile matter, and other sources.
2. wear comfortable, long wear will not cause skin into the stretch, help blood circulation.
3. reusable and economical. Specially cleaned to reduce ionic non-volatile residues, particulates and other contaminants. prevent the charge of human guide member, to prevent corrosion sweat

Technical data:
Type:Cleanroom white finger cots, ESD beige finger cots,ESD pink finger cots, ESD black finger cots.
Material: 100% natural latex
Type: Normal / purification
Model: S, M, L
Length: 60/65mm
Thickness: 0.12/0.14
Diameter: 24/28/30mm

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