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How to discharge static from human body?

How to discharge static from Human body?

Static is always there in our daily life, if you can’t control it,it will make a big damage, especially in electronic industries.

There are 3 items which we can use to discharge static from human body, it is ESD garments,ESD shoes and ESD wrist strap.Ordinary clothes walking with great electrostatic voltage (> 1000V). While they will not go walking around antistatic clothing occurs, which is anti-static clothing major role.

ESD garments such as ESD coat,ESD coverall,ESD jacket is normally made of polyester material and conductive fiber, static will be discharged by going throw the conductive fiber to ground. ESD shoes works the same way as ESD garments.ESD wrist strap has a cable to connect to grounder device, static will go throw the cable to the grounder.

Those products are low cost and do good job in discharging static from human body,it is quite reasonable to use them to control static.

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