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How to wear ESD garments?

ESD garments is the strength of the company's flagship product, the company has its own garment production workshop, equipped with a full range of production equipment and professional staff.In order to ensure that ESD garments is made out of fashionable , comfortable, more important point is to make sure ESD properties.

ESD garments,such as ESD coats,ESD coveralls,ESD jackets,production process is important, however, It is very important to know how to wear and manage ESD garments , Here comes some tips for your reference:
1 .As special garments,All ESD garments should be made of ESD fabric , but not use lining. Liners must be used , the exposed area of the lining should not be exceed 20 % of the total surface area of the garment .
2 . Depending on the object to be processed electrostatic sensitivity to different places to choose different levels of ESD cloth and anti- static clothing.
3 . Additional prohibited or wear any metal objects on the ESD garments .
4 . It is not allowed to wear overalls or off -site handle static-sensitive products ( should be specified in the locker room changing clothes ) . All buttons should buckle overalls on , try not to make it in a state close to the strip .
5. Be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of apparel production of anti-static overalls , and in the quality of work clothes before use to make the correlation detection

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