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Cleanroom wiper

The surface of cleanroom wiper is soft, easy to clean sensitive surfaces, not from the fiber friction, good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Cleaning products and packaging are done in a clean workshop. Cleanroom wiper optional Edge general are: cold cut, Laser Edge, ultrasonic sealing. Microfiber dust cloth for general use laser, ultrasonic sealing perfectly.

There are many kinds of cleanroom wipers, such as Polyester fiber cleanroom wiper,Microfiber cleanroom wiper,Non-woven cleanroom wiper, etc. Regarding the cleanroom class, it has class 10, class 100, class 1000 and class 10000.

Cleanroom wiper is widely used in:Semiconductor chip production lines,Semiconductor assembly production line,Disc drive, composite materials,LCD display products,Circuit board production line,Precision instruments;optical products;aviation industry;PCB products;Medical equipment; Laboratory and clean room.

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