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ESD gloves should be used in conjunction with ESD mat.

Nowadays production and life has become increasingly widespread use of ESD products, and ESD garments makes the human body using electrostatic aggregation weakened , ESD gloves to reduce the use of static electricity on the human body. ESD shoes purify the human body and the insulation effect of the earth 's interior ,ESD pad makes the production of products used to reduce static electricity hazards in the production process . ESD coverall is to be used by the operator to reduce static electricity and product damage.But when they are combined with each other Static Control application ,it is not a single application.

As we suggests ESD gloves should be used in conjunction with ESD mat, when operating personnel, wearing an ESD gloves is insulated from their hands , the hands and no trace of static,but now there are other additional properties such as non-slip, flexible and comfortable to operate , such as dust , ESD mat is laid on the operating table , " carpet" in the entire production process of the ESD pad in the role is not only anti-static, it also releases the product of static electricity , so open to ESD gloves pad in conjunction with a product like buying a double insurance , the quality of the product is not a problem .Through the above description we know that , in conjunction with Static Control to achieve the best anti-static effect , ESD garments, ESD shoes, ESD gloves , ESD pad , ESD finger cots , etc. This is just one part of the total static control systems.

ESD gloves | ESD wrist strap | Cleanroom wiper

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