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ESD solution for LED industries.

The main measures to how to provide ESD solution are: static leakage and dissipation , electrostatic neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding , humidifiers and so on.

ESD damage is caused by the breakdown of electronic components industry and it is the most common and serious electrostatic hazards , it is the breakdown of hard and soft breakdown. Disposable components caused by the breakdown of hard dielectric , burn or permanent failure ; soft breakdown is caused by performance degradation or device parameter index declined .

In LED industrial production , the static guard properly, a direct impact on the product yield , reliability and economic efficiency. Electrostatic precautions should follow following categories:

1 ) In the production line , from the body to prevent the implementation of the use of premises ,  ground , space and product transport , stacking , etc., it means the workers should be equiped with ESD garments ,ESD gloves, ESD wrist strap , ESD shoes, ESD rubber mats,ESD boxes, ion fan ,

2 ) Structure design and the chip structures largely solve the problem of electrostatic breakdown , for example, SiC as the substrate , the two electrodes of the P and N drawn from both sides , which can solve this problem to a large extent , while with Flip-Chip, LED PN junction at both ends to make two back to back zener clamp on silicon LED PN junction to protect against electrostatic threat.

3 ) ESD protection devices fitted on LED applications.

4)ESD protection for LED store during transport .

5 ) Detection cycle and precautions antistatic properties. ESD mat , ESD flooring , ESD shoes,ESD work clothes, reusable containers , etc. And those ESD products should be checked one time a month at least . Anti-static wrist strap , air guns , fans, and other equipment should be checked once a day .

ESD gloves | ESD wrist strap | Cleanroom wiper

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