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ESD solution for semiconductor workshop.

In the semiconductor device manufacturing plant, the dust adsorbed on the semiconductor element can cause damage to the product, and even lead to yield decline in VLSI. Workshop operators must wear ESD garments, ESD shoes, wear a dust mask, ESD gloves, and other body clean equipment to avoid the human body with static electricity, resulting in absorption of dust, dirt, etc..

So it is very necessary to provide ESD solution in the course of processing and packaging systems ,especially in the IC packaging production line . In order to ensure the normal operation of the production line, we should use ESD materials to provide ESD solution, clean room and out of all personnel equipped with ESD clothing and other hardware to take measures, In some lines and operators,we need to install ion fan positions , ion wind serpent, ion wind wand and other static eliminator, these devices are an integral part of the product program. Packaging companies can establish an anti-static measures in accordance with the relevant national standards and the actual situation of the enterprise, so as to avoid loss!

ESD gloves | ESD wrist strap | Cleanroom wiper

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