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ESD wrist strap and heel grounder

Products details
ESD toe grounder
ESD toe grounder

No: TS0524
Item: ESD toe grounder
Material: ESD rubber
Surface resistivity: 10^6 to 10^9 Ohms
Decay time: <0.2S

Synthetic Rubber ESD Grounding , ESD Anti Static Toe Straps For Woman​



Product Details for anti static ESD Toe grounder strap:

  • Special design for woman
  • Durable and washable
  • Build in 1 Mg protective resistor
  • Vecro for easy closure
  • Made of dissipative synthetic rubber
  • 400 - 450mm conductive ribbon
  • Long term anti static properties
  • Surface resistivity < 105


Production Description for Anti Static ESD toe grounder strap :


Being applicated to electronics production line, CMOS chip, microprocessor, semiconductor, dish drivers, composites, LCD screen product, circuit product line and precision instrument,Anti Static ESD toe grounder strap is made of dissipative synthetic rubber material.It is specially designed for woman use and permanent anti static properties.



Synthetic Rubber ESD Grounding , ESD Anti Static Toe Straps For Woman

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