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How does ESD wrist strap work?

ESD wrist strap consists of anti-static elastic band, activities, snaps, spring cord, Protection resistor and a plug or chuck composition.The inner elastic anti-static yarn weaving, knitting yarn outer layer normal.

It uses (static voltage balance) of physical principles, based on "static engineering in" Electrostatic but the use of ion transfer between the way the principle of pushing research and development, lifted up by static electricity from high potential to push the characteristics of the human body electrostatic ion drought push body design (collection area), through the [charge sensing principle] would surfaces of the conductive plates of the positive and negative with the "equal opposite charges" - the skin effect due to the ion exchangers built area <advantage of its low free energy characteristics>, can easily be imported to provide an equal amount of oppositely charged electrostatic ion to be neutralized, it can reach the effect of electrostatic discharge

There are kinds of ESD wrist strap, such as ESD cordless wrist strap,ESD economy wrist strap,ESD anti-allergic wrist strap,ESD metal wrist strap,ESD dual wire wrist strap.Anti-static wrist strap cable works by grounding wrist strap and static conductivity of the human body to the earth. When used in contact with the skin strap and make sure the ground wire directly to ground, so as to achieve maximum effect. Anti-static wrist strap to wear this, it can be safely within 0.1 seconds to remove static electricity generated by the human body, anti-static grounding wrist strap is the most basic equipment, but also the most commonly used.

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