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How to choose a suitable cleanroom wiper?

Also known as cleanroom cloth , clean room wiper is a common tool for cleaning. To choose the right Wiper,here comes some tips for your reference:

First, Wiper options:
1 Basis weight: isotype is the same as the basis weight of the fabric
2 Type and quality: high quality microfiber, polyester fiber lower
3 Softness: the softer the better
4 Anti-wear degrees: the stronger the fiber can not afford

Second, the amount of dust in different ways Edge comparison:
Cleanroom wiper by Edge can be divided into: thermal cutting, ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting and general cold cutting
1 Laser Cutting: Edge extent of 99%, can not litter, no dust, technology and the highest cost
2 ultrasonic cutting: Edge degree 80% or less, can not litter, easy to tear off the edge after cleaning crumbs
3 thermal cutting: edge degree 75% or less, can not litter, easy to tear off the edge after cleaning crumbs
4 generally cold cutting: Not Edge, easier crumbs, technology and lowest cost

Third, the quality testing:
1 whether the certification unit inspection reports
2 ion content: whether the reference test standard within the range
3 Absorbent: meets product requirements
4 Wipe resistance: the stronger the better
5. amount of dust: the lower the better

Based on the above three considerations is the proper way to clean cloth to buy, improve production yield for a significant help.

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