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How to choose ESD shoes?

Research shows that the staff level of electrostatic charge generated by the body , depending on ESD shoes and flooring materials , so in real environmental conditions , from the staff of the ESD shoes to install ESD flooring , systematic measurements provides for ESD a very meaningful and useful data.

Currently, ESD shoes industry in general are that there is a common problem , namely anti-static shoes can not satisfy 100V HBM stable reference voltage . Because the markets are characteristic of the electronics industry 's most anti-static shoes with unstable additives, the electrical characteristics over time and the recession , leading to inconsistent performance .

To overcome the above problems, and reduce the body voltage , a method to improve the electrical performance of the shoes , the shoes that have better conductivity. However, it must be limited within a certain resistance range to meet safety regulations relevant agencies.

Must also be borne in mind that S20.20TR mentioned in the manual , the resistance of the body to the ground should not be less than 1 * 10e of 5 ohm power to protect the body from any harm , avoid electrical safety risks that may exist.

Some anti-static practitioners some misconception that as long as from the body to the ground resistance of less than 3.5 * 10e of 5 ohm power in static control in the workplace , the body will not release voltage exceeds 100V HBM, these misunderstandings or opinion if it is not corrected at the time of treatment and protection of many micro- chip manufacturing industry in the high electrostatic sensitive devices , there will be a high- risk environment,For anti-static shoes users, it is important to realize that the microchip will destroy the body voltage rather than the body 's resistance to the ground .Therefore , an ideal situation , there is a shoe or footwear system voltage is less than the body can only 100V HBM, and can obtain a suitable and meets the safety requirements of the human body to ground resistance .

However, most users do not know that there is a simple solution to all production sites in the standing operation can be achieved without using wristbands body voltage is less than 100V HBM.A simple and feasible on the market typical solution is to use anti-static laces , anti-static shoes have a U-shaped bracket composition, the tail can easily fixed in the surface of the shoe insole , flexible rubber band wrapped around the shoe uppers and soles , shoes can be standard ESD, can also be a non-standard ESD.

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