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How can we provide ESD protection work effectively for decontamination project?

Industrial production, purification and ESD protection, dust protection matters are two indispensable work , in a sense , the two are complementary, because static electricity is the main source of dust , good clean work could largely reduce the generation of static electricity ,and there would be very little dust .However , there is a clear distinction between the two , mainly to prevent ESD protection occurs,you have to pay much attention to keep clean environment , then we have to analyze the following decontamination how to effectively prevent static ?The mechanism of static electricity from a point of view, the object should be insulated from the decreased degree to proceed, so that even if the two objects have rarely static friction,it does not even produce static electricity.

Here are some tips for how to provide ESD protection for decontamination project:

1:To maintain the humidity , the North or the dry season , it will fail sometimes because static is much generated , so in some important places , such as computer rooms , laboratories, electronic equipment for workshop,etc... Those places should be considered to maintain a certain humidity , especially for those enclosed air-conditioned room shape , but there should be some control over humidity device .

2 :Using ESD materials . There are ESD flooring mat , ESD rubber mats, ion fan , ESD gloves, ESD wrist strap, etc...

3:The operator should use ESD personal grounding, such as ESD garments ,ESD wrist band , ESD sole grounder, ESD heel grounder, etc....., It is the largest body with power to eliminate the human body electrostatic reducing the maximum degree of electrostatic hazards .

4:Static-sensitive components and printed circuit boards in the production process and the process of transfer between storage, you must use ESD loading boxes,ESD component boxes, crates , pallets and other turnover . To prevent the accumulation of static electricity hazard.ESD protection work is a systematic project , omissions or errors of any links , will lead to failure ESD protection work must always guard against everyone prevention.

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