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Quality ESD gloves

Quality ESD gloves are made of polyester fibers or nylon fibre with conductive fiber,such as ESD strip glove,ESD dotted glove,ESD carbon PU top fit glove,ESD carbon PU palm fit glove, Cleanroom Pu top fit glove,Cleanroom PU palm fit glove,etc...... Those Quality ESD gloves are of excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, static electricity produced by the body to avoid damage to the product, it fits in electronics industry, semiconductor, clean room and is widely used in everyday life.

Quality ESD gloves are of following features:

1:Automatic fine nylon yarn woven into a long, seamless weave, no off-line, the palm and finger tips coated with PU.

2:PU material resistant to strong acid properties, which can effectively slip to avoid slipping when fetching items, and fingerprints will be left to improve production yields.

3:Antistatic - to avoid static electricity damage your fingers RAM / IC circuit causing a short circuit.

4:Non-toxic ingredients to protect the health of users (PU-non-toxic / nitrile carcinogens).

5:Anti-pollution, anti-slip, easy to absorb sweat, permeability good, comfortable to wear (Nylon), slip excellent (PU) - Easy to operate precision assembly work, giving users feel more clothes fit hand for long operations, reduce long-term work sweating operator errors caused by hand slip.

6:Economical effects, not easily deformed, long life, can be reused after cleaning with water.

Above is just for your reference to learn what is Quality ESD gloves. Kindly check here to know what is ESD?

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