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The trends and analysis of ESD products

ESD can be divided into preventing static and preventing static damage, electrostatic protection work is a long-term and systematic project, any part of the mistakes and omissions will lead to failure ESD protection work.

With the rapid development of modern electronic industry, the rapid development of microelectronics technology, large-scale integrated circuits and VLSI are widely used in computers, PBX remote control technology. So at the beginning of the 1990s, ESD technology put forward higher requirements. With the growing awareness of electrostatic hazards, China's anti-static industry has formed a complete system, manufacturers increasingly, the annual demand is also increasing year by year, some products into the international market, but with anti-static industry rapid development in the industry has also revealed a large number of quality risks.

First applications in microelectronics products; anti-static considerations in the design of the production is not enough for the machine to use an anti-static environment requires not clear, therefore allowing users to attract any attention, in engineering requirements for antistatic not stringent enough, the whole anti-static system can not be guaranteed.

Followed Static varying quality, many of them are poor, especially in the material. The result of this is to kill each other in the price decline in the quality makes Static Control, ESD would not achieve the role of anti-static. Once again, the lack of expertise in the construction process, so that ESD will not play its due role. Without timely adjustment of the above questions, will make anti-static formality, so that should give modern microelectronics cause great losses to the popularity of high-tech techniques to impede.

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