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What is ESD dotted glove?

What is ESD dotted glove?

ESD dotted gloves or called anti static dotted glove are made of special polyester material with conductive fiber, conductive fiber spacing is 10mm.ESD dotted gloves are with excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, static electricity produced by the body to avoid damage to the product. It can be used in a clean room for the required anti-static gloves environment. Wear ESD dotted gloves to avoid direct contact with the operator finger static-sensitive components and it can be safely carried by the human operator to discharge electrostatic charge. It is the semiconductor industry, optical industry, and other necessary staff work wear. Mainly used for anti-static gloves required environment such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries, to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components caused by the aging; in the petrochemical industry can prevent static electricity caused by the combustion and explosion hazard.

There are also other types ESD gloves which you can use,such as ESD stripped gloves, ESD stripped PU coated gloves, ESD carbon PU top fit glove,ESD carbon PU palm fit gloves, and so on.

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