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What is ESD stripped glove?

From this text, you can learn what is ESD stripped gloves. ESD stripped gloves is made of special polyester with conductive fiber,And a conductive substrate is made of polyester fibers, conductive fiber spacing is 10mm, gloves with excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, static electricity produced by the body to avoid damage to the product, it is suitable for use in the electronics industry, semiconductor, clean room and daily widely used in life.

ESD stripped glove are kitted, suitable for a level of cleanliness requirements of the industry, no produce dust, no imprint features.

ESD stripped gloves are for industrial electronics industry with following features:
1 Fingertip position semicircular fingertip ease operation pressure generated;
2 Easy to contaminated dust, suitable for clean room clean place;
3 Fit hand-shaped, easy to slip fingers flexible activities, suitable for fine work;
4 Breathable, suitable for long time operation.

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