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Why should petrochemical industry workers ESD garments?

First, the electrostatic hazards in petrochemical industry is very large, static electricity can cause explosions and fire accidents. Because low oil ignition , just a little bit of static spark can detonate the entire production base , petrochemical industry, there is danger of an explosive mixture of flammable gases , some hazardous substances is easy to produce and accumulate static charge , when the electrostatic potential reaches a certain level when , and with discharge conditions , and the resulting discharge spark energy greater than the minimum ignition energy of the hazardous substances ,it can cause an explosion and fire accidents. So curb the production of static electricity is oil security a top priority , so the operator should wear ESD garments.

Second, ESD garments human body electrostatic discharge can be effectively prevent the accumulation of static charge . Petrochemical industry workers must wear ESD garments , ESD coveralls, because when textile, roughly equally spaced evenly mixed or anti-static fiber in whole or in part the use of metal or organic conductive material or antistatic synthetic fibers, or a mixture of both interwoven . Petrochemical industry workers can not wear synthetic fabric clothing , synthetic fabrics clothing will produce static electricity spark , with a high degree of risk, and ESD garments walking in staff process, students will produce static electricity from the earth to go into , if the electrostatic focusing discharge may detonate tanks , the consequences can be imagined.

In fact , the petrochemical industry to ensure the safety of staff in addition to wear wear ESD gloves , ESD cap , wearing ESD shoes , and take other anti -static measures to provide ESD solutions.

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