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Workers in electronics factory should wear ESD garments not cotton garments.

For the workers which work in electronics factory, if they wear uniforms with the outside surface of the medium , between the layers of clothes , underwear and the skin between , until when walking between the sole and the ground floor ,it will be separated due to frequent contact and friction clothes and shoes and so electrostatically , especially when wearing high insulation performance fiber cloth will increase charge . Clothing and shoes electrostatic charge carried by the local press charges on the media law Diaspora gradually dispersed into the whole surface of the garment to form a certain static voltage reaches equilibrium . Because the human body itself is a conductor, clothing charged due to electrostatic induction leaving skin all over the body charged , but also a certain static voltage .

For the operation of the electronics factory worker , the existence of two possible electrostatic discharge channel ; One is discharging fingertips and ground conductors , and the other is discharging overalls and ground conductors , these two are likely to electrostatic discharge sensitive devices damage , although the anti-static wrist strap to eliminate the risk of a first discharge , but it can not eliminate the risk of a second discharge . Therefore, in line with standard ESD garments becomes essential .

Wearing cotton overalls can be generally considered as ESD garments to reduce the accumulation of static electricity , is it safe with this view actual one-sidedness? Cotton fabric with a power even higher than some synthetic fabrics, so the dry climate regions can not expect in any case can be produced using cotton products to eliminate static electricity hazards anti overalls .

Often, people just noticed the elimination of human skin electrostatic operation , but ignored or simply not paid enough attention to the ESD coveralls work to eliminate static electricity , which is the need for strict improvement , in order to effectively prevent the body static discharge hazards ! So, electronics factory Workers must wear ESD garments qualified and effective protection measures.

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